How to disable Found New Hardware Wizard in Windows XP

Disabling the Found New Hardware Wizard

There may be times where you want to disable the Foud New Hardware wizard in Windows XP or Server 2003, either because the device in you system does not have drivers for Windows XP or everything is working fine and you just don’t care to install any new drivers.

This message means that Windows has found a new hardware on your system and is asking you to install the software that came with the device. This message can be disabled by adding/editing a registry key in Windows.

Windows XP 32-bit and Windows Server 2003
Add a DWORD named SuppressNewHWUI with a value of 1 to the below key:
DeviceInstall and Settings keys may not exist, you will have to create them.

Disable Found New Hardware Wizard Windows XP



Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Server 2003
Add a DWORD named SuppressUI with a value of 1 to the below key:


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8 Responses to How to disable Found New Hardware Wizard in Windows XP

  1. tom says:

    DeviceInstall and Settings keys may not exist, you will have to create them

  2. mahdi says:

    thank you!

  3. DoctorQuality says:

    The above solution turns off the Found New Hardware Wizard COMPLETELY.

    Here is a “quick & dirty” way to get rid of the “Found New Hardware Wizard” if it’s popping up at every re-boot REGARDING A SPECIFIC DEVICE – and you just want to get rid of it permanently … for JUST that device.

    I stumbled into this solution, even though when I searched a good bit for help, I never saw it. So let me post it in a few places for others to contemplate.

    [ Now of course this assumes there is not a more appropriate solution, such as actually installing the hardware drivers, changing a software or BIOS setting, etc. But if you un-installed something and it left remnants, decided to quit-for-good an install mid-stream, things like that, then this is an easy non-technical way to get ‘er done. ]

    Next time the Wizard pops up, go through the motions AS IF you were going to install the drivers.

    At the first screen, pick “No, not this time” (as in don’t check with Microsoft for the drivers).

    At the second screen, pick “Install from a specific location (as in don’t start searching the computer for the driver).

    At the third screen, DE-select “Search removable media” and just below that, specify a folder on the computer that is EMPTY. This will cause the installation to immediately FAIL.

    The fourth/failure screen – titled “Cannot Install This Software” – is the payoff. At the bottom of that screen, check off the box that says “Don’t prompt me again to install this software.” Click the Finish bottom.

    Job done! [Posted by DoctorQuality as guest, August, 2017]

    • ImWolf says:

      In my case that isn’t happening because;

      A) The “found new hardware” balloon is quickly followed by a 2nd one “found new hardware” + “Nvidia nForce 430/410 etc ….”, and then quickly followed by the error dialog box “The system cannot find the device specified”. I have no choice but to hit FINISH.

      B) Even when I go through what you described in Device Manager, if I point to any location where there are no valid driver files, I never get to any “don’t ask me again” option.

  4. sharon says:

    Works like magic
    2017, XP is still alive

  5. Arthur Yuen says:

    I had a similar problem on my XP with the sign popping up all time and stays popping up. I finally remove it by following the procedure below:
    To Remove ‘detect new device wizard sign’

    Goto: My Computer
    View system information
    Driver Signing
    Block- never install unsigned driver software


    Restart computer

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