Windows Azure Pack error: You must first register Service Management Automation

I recently ran into an issue trying to install the Automation component in the Windows Azure Pack.  The following error showed up under “VM Clouds” Automation tab “You must first register Service Management Automation”.  It looks like the registration of the “Service Management Automation” did not fully complete as I was not able to see it under VM Clouds > Automation.  I thought I would put some notes for myself in case I run into this issue in the future.  Googling around I was able to find the below blog that helped me fix the issue so all credit goes below just wanted to add my own notes around it.


As you can see below the “Service Management Automation” is installed and shows 27 sample runbooks but the Automation tab under “VM Clouds” is empty and complains that “You must first register Service Management Automation”.

service management automation error

The blog mentioned that the “Service Provider Foundation” is not aware about the “Server Management Endpoints”.  So the next questions is how do I know if that is the issue that I am running into.

Confirm if you can see the endpoints:
1.  Open up PowerShell as Administrator on the VMM/Foundation server
2.  import-module spfadmin
3.  Get-SCSpfSetting

If the above command does not provide any results then you are missing the endpoints.  You can see at the screenshot below at the very top when I run the command (Get-SCSpfSetting) I get no output.  Then i run the same command after fixing the issue (very bottom of below screenshot) and I can see my endpoints.

Commands to fix the issue:
1.  import-module spfadmin
2.  Get-SCSpfStamp | fl
3.  $stamp = get-SCSpfStamp –name “hyperv1.mylab.local”
4.  New-SCSpfServer –name “IaasAutomation” –ServerType None –Stamps $stamp
5.  $Server = Get-SCSpfServer –name “IaasAutomation”
6.  New-SCSpfSetting –Name EndpointURL –SettingType EndpointconnectionString –Value “https://hyperv1.mylab.local:9090/” –Server $Server
7.  Get-SCSpfSetting

service management automation add endpoint

Now you have to completely close down the browser and open it up again.  Now you will see that the Automation tab shows up and allows you to Link an action with a runbook.

service management automation fixed

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