Allway Sync is a free file backup utility for Windows – Synchronize your files one way

Working around NTFS Permissions

When I first found this utility my plan was to set it up in a small business to back up a network share where users share and store files. I ran into problems with the NTFS permissions, if you want users to modify files, you automatically have to grant them delete permissions as well, it’s either allow both or nothing. The problem was that I don’t want the users to be able to delete files I just want them to modify them, this is not possible with NTFS permissions.

Here is where Allway Sync comes in, let’s say that a user has access to important files to the business and decides to delete all the files and folder and walks off the job. Since Allway Sync has an option not to Propagate deletions, you still have those files stored on the backup and can easily restore them, no damage done. You can set this backup to be taken every few minutes or every few hours. This is a workaround I found to give modify/delete permissions to the user and still have a constant backup of the files.

Allway Sync -File Synchronization that works!

AllwaySync is a free utility for Windows that is used to backup and synchronize your files and folders to an external hard drive or a network share. This utility has a lot of neat features, if you have been looking for a free Time Machine like backup program for Windows then this program is worth looking into.

The program is very simple to use, you specify which folders to backup on the left (source) and where to back them up on the right (destination).


AllwaySync Synchronize files one way backup

The program operates in a way where you set jobs to perform a backup of certain folders. you can set different jobs with different properties to do specific tasks. For example you can create a job that backs up your Documents once a week to a network share in your office, you can also create a second job that backs up your documents every half an hour to your external hard drive.

The two features that I like about this program are Propagate deletions and Propagate modifications. When a user deltes a file or modifies it a the source then that change is passed onto the destination, this prevents accidental deletion. You can set the program to synchronize on different trigger points, after a specified period of time or when a change is detected, and many more.

There are many other options available in the Job > Properties menu. When a user changes or deletes a file, Allway Sync can move the file to a seperate folder before the change/deletion is applied to the destination, a lot of really neat featuers if you need to customize to your own needs.

Time Machine for Windows Allwaysync

I touched on some of the very basic features of this program, if you are interested in getting your hands on this free program you can download it or visit the Allway Sync website.

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