EqualLogic PS4100E SAN Adding a second member to a group through a serial connection

We have a PS4100 EqualLogic storage array that was running out of space. All the drive bays were full so we ordered another unit. I set it up as RAID-50 and added it as a second member to the group. One thing to keep in mind is that once you add it to the group and configure the RAID-50, the second member gets added to the disk pool and data immediate starts to move onto the second member so that both members are evenly utilized.

When i configured another PS4100 unit I was able to connect to it directly through the “Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools”, it detected it on the network and I was able to assign it an IP. This particular unit was located in another site and the utility was not able to detect it so I had to drive there and connect to it with a serial connection. See below post regarding the utility. https://www.computertechblog.com/equallogic-ps4100e-san-configuring-the-first-member-initial-config/

You will need 3 IPs:
eth0: x.x.x.91
eth1: x.x.x.92
Mgmt: x.x.x.42
Group IP: x.x.x.40 (This should already be set up since we are adding a second member to an already existing group)

Connect to the serial port on the SAN (Check Device Manager to find COM#)

Open up Putty and connect to the serial port

Putty Serial Connection:

PS Series Storage Arrays
Unauthorized Access Prohibited
login: grpadmin
Welcome to Group Manager
Copyright 2001-2013 Dell Inc.
Enter the network configuration for the array.
Member name []: xxxxsan2b
Network interface [eth0]:
IP address for network interface []: xx.xxx.xx.91
Netmask []:
Default gateway [xx.xxx.xx.1]:
Initializing interface eth0. This may take a minute…..
Enter the IP address and name of the group that the array will join.
Group name []: xxxxsan2
Group IP address [xx.xxx.xx.40]:
Searching to see if the group exists. This may take a few minutes.
Password for managing group membership:
Do you want to add this array to group xxxxsan2 (yes | no ) [yes]:
Synchronizing configuration data with the group. This may take several minutes.—–
Saving the configuration…
Waiting for configuration to become active…
Group member xxxxsan2b now active in the group.
The array has successfully become a member of group xxxxsan2.
You must now configure the RAID set using the Group manager GUI or CLI.
Configuration of the RAID set requires that the raid-level be selected.
Group member xxxxsan2a now active in the group.

  1. Now you will be able to connect to the group manager IP and configure the unit. In the screenshot I am connected to .41 which was an IP on our MGMT network NAT’d to .40 which was the Group IP. We added the new member to the group through the serial connection so now it’s visible but is not configured yet.

2. Assign the rest of the NIC’s and configure a RAID set up.

3. The current storage pool “default” has 4.7TB of total space with 90GB free, so we really need the extra space that this member will provide.

4. Add RAID-50 and expand the group capacity Immediatly

5. Add the space to the default storage poool immediately

6. Raid-50 is initializing

7. The member is added to the pool and data is already being moved to it so that its evenly utilized with the other member.

8. Now the pool has a total of 9.7TB of space

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