EqualLogic PS4100E SAN Configuring the first member initial config

Working for a service provider i received a great opportunity to rack and configure a storage array. There is nothing better then unboxing a fresh SAN and peeling off the stickers. Each storage controller has two network interfaces eth0/eth1 for fail-over. After connecting it to two stacked switches were were ready to start the initial set up.

  1. To configure the first member of the group you need 4 IP’s.
    IP Assignment
    Management Network – ETH2 – x.x.12.216
    iSCSI – ETH0 – x.x.x.115
    iSCSI – ETH1 – x.x.x.116
    iSCSI – Group IP – x.x.x.117

2. Install the Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools and run it

2. Continue with the wizard

3. Click Next

4. Click on Initialize a PS Series Array

5. The application will search for your storage array

6. Array has been discovered

7. Assign an ETH0 IP to the array, etc..

8. Create a group IP

9. Initialize in progress

10. I got this error, looked it up it appears it’s expected error and no big deal, click next

11. Initialization succesfull

12. Succesfully configured

13. The storage array has been configured now you can see more stats

14. All IPs should be configured

Management Network – ETH2 – x.x.12.216
iSCSI – ETH0 – x.x.20.115
iSCSI – ETH1 – x.x.20.116
iSCSI – Group IP – x.x.20.117

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