Text editor to open really large text files

I was troubleshooting an application and needed to take a look at a really large log file. The log file was 1.2GB in size and while I could open it up with Wordpad scrolling down was lagging too much. I tried Notepad++ and it was was also struggling with it.

After a quick google search I installed a bunch of large file editors but they all sucked. Trying to find a good large file editor is harder then it seems. After a bunch of Install and /uninstalled I finally found Notepad2, my new favorite text editor for big files.

Notepad2 – Opens large text file, looks exactly like Windows notepad

HxD – Hex editor, not for text files. I used it a few times to repair really large VMware .vmdk files

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  1. Jong Pan says:

    Another one that is not widely known is BssEditor and it is currently my favorite one.
    It opens large files instantly and has bunch of features which are not very obvious on first look and lay hidden in large deep menu: column operations, sorting, search for duplicate lines, can handle huge text snippets in clipboard, bookmarks and many other. Just give it a try.

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